Wait, what's PB powder?

Peanut butter powder is made from whole roasted peanuts that have been roasted and pressed. This results in a super low-calorie, high plant-based protein that is far less processed than both protein powders and most supermarket peanut butter.

Simply add water to turn Marmadukes PB Powder into thick and creamy peanut butter. You can also adjust the ratio of Marmadukes PB to water to achieve as thin or thick texture as you desire.

Alternatively, you can add Marmadukes peanut butter powder directly into smoothies, oatmeal and baked goodies to add a nutty protein kick. Any recipes that have regular peanut butter can be replicated with Marmadukes peanut butter powder. See our blog for recipes and cooking inspiration.

Smoothies and Protein Shakes


Baked Goodies

How is Peanut Powder Made?

Peanut powder is a natural product that is produced from real whole peanuts.

The peanuts are roasted and pressed in an all-natural oil extracting process producing a deep roasted flavour without the fat content.

What are the Benefits?

Marmadukes peanut butter has a far lower calorie and fat content when compared to traditional peanut butter, as well as a far higher protein content. 

You basically get that robust peanut butter taste and feel you know and love with far fewer calories!

Who is it for?

Marmadukes PB Powder is for just about everyone! Whether you need to increase your daily protein intake, trying to find lower calorie peanut butter alternatives or just straight up love peanut butter!

Marmadukes peanut butter is for you!

So does this mean regular peanut butter is unhealthy?!

No way! We are not anti-traditional peanut butter at all. The fats found in traditional peanut butter are generally unsaturated and have an array of health benefits.

Traditional peanut butter has a place in a healthy rounded diet. Marmadukes is simply a less calorie-dense, higher protein alternative!

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