Australian Made Peanut Butter Powder

Powdered peanut butter made from only the highest quality ingredients. Fancy thick and delicious peanut butter with 90% less fat & 70% fewer calories?

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Less Fat


Fewer Calories



It seems too good to be true!

But there is no catch! Marmadukes PB Powder is made from 100% whole roasted peanuts that have been roasted for flavour and crushed to remove the fat! We do not add any artificial flavouring, preservatives or additives.

Just add water to make the smooth and rich peanut butter that you know and love!

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We take pride in using as few ingredients as possible in all our products. No additives, no preservatives and certainly no artificial sweeteners or flavours.

Every ingredient is top-quality & has additional health benefits such as Manuka Honey Powder and Organic Cacao Powder.

This results in each serve being packed with real ingredients that are satiating, delicious and great for your health.

Check out some of the amazing ingredients below:






How do I turn powder into peanut butter?

Simply add water to turn Marmadukes into thick and delicious peanut butter. Alternatively, you can throw Marmadukes straight into shakes, smoothies, baking or oats!

How much water do I add?

Mix 2 tbsp (12g) of peanut powder with 1.5 tbsp (20ml) of water and stir until smooth. PRO TIP: Add the water slowly and stir to make sure you get the perfect consistency (less water = thicker peanut butter)

How is it low calorie? What have you added?

We have added nothing! We simply roast and press real peanuts to create a bold taste without the excess oil.

Can I use peanut butter powder instead of peanut butter in cooking recipes?

You sure can, you can either pre make peanut butter by mixing it with water (follow the directions) or you can stir it straight into certain recipes and adjust the flour or dry component accordingly.

What can I cook with Marmadukes

See our full range of recipes in the "recipes" tab in the navigation menu.

Is Marmadukes peanut butter powder vegetarian, gluten and dairy free?

All our products are vegetarian, gluten and dairy free. If you are vegan, we have our Pure Peanuts flavour which has no manuka honey powder.

Once made up, how long does it last?

We recommend that you make each serve of peanut butter (by adding water) when you are wanting to eat it. Do not make large batches.

Can I add water straight into the jar or pouch?

No, you need to mix each serve in a small serve or cup. If you make a large batch in the jar or bag it will spoil over time.

What is the shelf life of Marmadukes peanut butter powder?

An unopened jar has a shelf life of 24 months. Once opened please consume in 6-8 months and store in a cool dry place.

Are these "sickly-sweet" like others on the market?

No - Our products do not contain sugar or sugar alternatives that make them overly sweet. We use a pinch of manuka honey powder to round the flavour without it being overly sweet like other peanut butter powder

What is the difference between rich chocolate and milk chocolate?

The Rich Choc flavour is made with organic cacao and the Milk Choc flavour is made with Dutch Cocoa. This gives the rich chocolate a more subtle and bitter finish, just like dark chocolate. Whereas the milk chocolate has a far more milky and smooth chocolate taste and is far more chocolatey!

Are your products available in-stores?

Yes, Marmadukes is available online and also in Go Vita & other independent Health Food stores.


Our range of Australian-made peanut butter powders are now available for purchase at Go Vita stores and select health food stores across Australia.

If you prefer to shop in store, please go to your nearest Go Vita store to purchase your favourite Marmadukes products.