Triple Layer Banana and Caramel Slice

Three layers of delicious banana and caramel slice that is decadent and healthy at the same time. Give this one a go!

All credit goes to a long-standing Marmadukes supporter -  @tanyaleebrown check out her page for delicious bowls of oats, healthy recipes and more!

Ingredients (Broken down into layers)

Layer 1
190g Mashed Banana
60g High-quality protein powder
50g Oat flour
25g Coconut flour
1/4 Cup almond milk

Layer 2
100g Regular Peanut Butter
50g Sugar free maple syrup (or regular)

Layer 3
25g Sugar Free maple syrup (or regular)
10g Cocoa powder
12g Marmadukes PB Powder - Pure Peanuts
2 TBSP almond milk


1. Mix all the ingredients for layer 1 in a bowl and spread into a small lined container

2. Mix all ingredients for layer 2 in a small bowl spread on top of layer 1

3. Place the 2 layers in the freezer for 15 minutes

4. Mix all ingredients for layer 3 and spread on top of layer 1 & 2

5. Keep the slice in the freezer and enjoy!

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We recommend using Original PB Powder in this delicious peanut sauce to give it that shwweeet edge!

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