Peanut butter Top Deck Brownies

The fudgiest protein brownies that you have ever made!

You won't believe how delicious these protein packed brownies are. Filled with top-quality and protein packed ingredients you can not go wrong.

We cannot wait for you all to try this one. This recipe makes 9 brownies - each are 90 calories and 8g of protein!!


50g of smart protein flour (or regular flour)
30g of vanilla protein powder
30g of cocoa powder
3g of baking soda
20g of natvia brown sugar alternative (or regular sugar)
160g of vanilla greek yogurt
12g Marmadukes Rich Chocolate PB Powder
120-150mls of skim milk
40g of Cadbury caramilk top deck chocolate


1. Add all dry ingredients into a bowl first and mix

2. Add in all the wet ingredients, slowly adding the milk to get an even consistency

3. Chop up the top deck choc and stir throughPlace into a silicone brownie tray

4. Drizzle an extra 12g of marmadukes peanut butter on top

5. Bake at 180 degrees for approx 20 mins

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We recommend using Original PB Powder in this delicious peanut sauce to give it that shwweeet edge!

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