Chocolate and Peanut Butter Protein Oats

Baked oats are all the rage at the moment and we are all for it. Starting your day with a nutrient dense brekkie is the way to go. It doesn't get much better than oats with your favourite toppings.

Make sure you give this super simple recipe a go! It tastes just like eating a chocolate peanut butter muffin, but super healthy and protein packed.

Full credit for the recipe goes to @adidesai96.

Ingredients (Serves 1)

Half a banana
30g Oats
30g Chocolate Protein Powder
10g Cacao Powder
Splash of Soy Milk (or other milk alternative)

12g Marmadukes PB powder
1 Square Lindt Dark Chocolate


1. Blend all ingredients with a blender (stick blender, blender or NutriBullet will suffice)
2. Place in microwave and zap for 40 second bursts until they are fluffy
3. Prepare your Marmadukes PB as per directions and drizzle on top along side the square of Lindt
4. OPTIONAL- Enjoy with a warm coffee on a cold morning

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